Year Three

On the start of their journey at 'big school', the children will be nervous and excited. We are here to make you, the parent/carer, feel at ease, safe in the knowledge that we also have your child's best interests at the heart of all we do.

Check this page as the year progresses to see what is going on in Year Three.

3C - Trip to Pasty Pesto    

Take a look at what we learnt.

3C - Severn Trent Workshop

See what Mr Mitchell taught us.

The New 3G - September 2015
3G have settled into LJS incredibly well and have been looking at ‘New Beginnings’ whilst making new friends and getting used to new routines. Last week, we started our ‘Savage Stone Age’ topic and visited the Forest School area where we explored the natural resources around us and investigated the best ways to construct a shelter. We had a great discussion about the different foods we would have eaten and will be building our own shelters in the coming weeks.
Next week, we will be creating timelines to establish when events took place in the past and will also be writing diary entries based on the characters in our class book ‘Stone Age B


3C at Redwood May 2017 (9 images)

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3C with their Shadufs (6 images)

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3C Rangoon Patterns (4 images)

3C working hard to create Rangoon patterns using sterilising solution and brusho. They worked really hard to get such incredible detail!

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Art -Classes 3C and 3B (4 images)

Classes 3C and 3B created this amazing felt based on flowers during our visit to Nature in Art.

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Class 3B visited Ed's Diner (10 images)

Two children won the chance to create the delicious burgers that they had designed at school. Everyone got to try them!! We learned a lot about what happens in the Diner and what fruits and vegetables are good for us. We even had a look at the fridge, which may not sound very exciting but it was big enough for a group of us to stand inside!!! What a great day!

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Year 3 (9 images)

We have been working on 'The Stone Age' We attempted to build miniature homes using twigs and string, (and plenty of patience!) Our dinner options included nettles, blackberries and apples. We found it hard to carve a spear tip out of soap.What would it have been like carving wood or stone?!! The cave art was pretty good fun though! We had animal skin for clothing. Being in the Stone Age was fun, but it wasn't easy!!

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